See What People Say With Their Bricks

Here’s a small collection of some of the messages our customers have sent with their brick:




“Place this on your desk, forever and always”


“Happy Birthday”


“In a time of hardship, we all deserve something to help us get by. Here’s my contribution to any hardship you may be having”


“I sent you a brick”


“Sending this means I will no longer think about you anymore and good riddance. You wasted my time, just like opening this box was a waste of yours”


“[This] reminded me of your personality”


And one of our personal favorites:

“Bricks are great. This brick can break windows, be used as a weapon, and cause damage to a variety of precious items and not so precious people. ALTERNATIVELY, this brick can be used to create magnificent walls, buildings, shelters, homes, art, and has been used in many forms over thousands of years. This IS a building block, but can be used to destroy as well as create. I implore you to use it for the better good, and instead of breaking my heart with it, would you instead build a foundation for our continued friendship, and be my valentine?”